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About Us

Thoroughbred Owners Association and Sports Trust (TOAST) was registered on 7 October 2003 to basically represent and promote the interests of racehorse owners locally and internationally. We are a formal group, which Singapore Turf Club can work closely with to discuss concerns and issues pertaining to Singapore horse owners. We are also working towards providing racehorse owners recreational activities in horse riding in order to promote interaction among owners of thoroughbreds engaged in racing and riding with a view to cultivate and nurture racehorse ownership. We aim to cultivate a new racing culture in Singapore with a view of inculcating and educating in owners and the public the idea of treating horse racing as a sport and a social lifestyle.

Our objectives includes promoting the engagement of ex-race horses in amateur racing, dressage, show-jumping and eventing, thereby giving a new lease of life to thoroughbreds beyond their racing career. In order for this to happen, TOAST aims to afford thoroughbred owners competition opportunities for these various events.

Through the years, horse racing in Singapore has always been viewed in an unfavorable light. As Singapore has grown over the years, so too, must the view on horse racing. In countries like England, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan etc. horse racing has always been seen as the "Sport Of Kings" with a lifestyle that is associated with prestige and one that a lot of people aspire to. It is seen as a social event where families can spend a day at the races without any social stigma associated with punting. We at TOAST hope to change the mindset and cultivate owners in Singapore who will keep racehorses for the love of horses and for the enjoyment of horse racing.

In order to develop this change, we aim to make owning thoroughbreds as affordable as possible by the formation of Trusts. These Trusts consists of leased racehorses with a two-year term period where any prize monies attributed to these horses during this period are distributed among Stakeholders. Thus making owning thoroughbreds more affordable and with limited liability. In doing so, TOAST hopes to increase the population of racehorse owners in order to achieve a higher standard of ownership in Singapore.

TOAST invites those with similar views to come join us as members, so that together we are able to attain a healthier horse racing industry that is open for everyone to enjoy.


Racehorse owners enjoying
buffet at the races

Race course view from
SNTC grandstand.

Racehorses going
out from parade
ring to race.

Ex-racehorse, Fantastic
Diamond - a re-schooled
champion dressage horse.